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Fancy Yellow and White Diamond Ring


The Yellow Diamond.....whether you call it a Canary Diamond, a Fancy Yellow, or just Yellow, it demands attention. Yellow diamonds represent love and commitment. They also represent knowledge, wisdom and the continuation of a happy life. It is a beautiful color in a Diamond, whether it be pale or deep yellow. 

***All items can be customized to fit your individual design

A glance: Square Brilliant Radiant Fancy Yellow center stone, set in a 6 prong head. Flanked on either side by a Round Brilliant Diamond, and 4 rows of Diamonds on top and bottom. All in 18Karat White Gold

-Center Stone(Fancy Yellow Square Brilliant Radiant):        2.26 Carat

-Semi Mount:                                                                            2.61 Carat

-Total Carat Weight:                                                                 4.87

-18Karat White Gold

Fancy Yellow and White Diamond Ring


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