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Super Proposal Contest 2024

Robert & Lucretia!

Wishing you a Lifetime of Love! 💕

Image of a sweater on a hanger
Image of three button-up shirts
Photo of yellow jacket
Photo of a jacket, bag, and shoes
Photo of a stack of shirts with shoes on top


A heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone,

from all the lovely entries and stories to our wonderful friends at K-LAS, Chapel of the Flowers, and Capital Grill who helped bring it all to life!


We hope you enjoyed the experience as much as we did, and remember,

we're here for each and every one of you to help with all your jewelry needs.


Wishing you everlasting love and joy



​​​​​​​Chris & Barry

Robert & Lucretia

Kendall & Dana

Nedy & Judith

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