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The Vegas Valentines MVP Diamond Ring

We are proud to present the VEGAS VALENTINE'S MVP DIAMOND RING

Containing a 10 carat Heart Shaped Diamond commemorating the historic Super Big Game in Las Vegas.

The centerpiece of this incredible treasure is a very rare eye-popping 10.19carat HEART shaped Diamond

Inspired by Taylor and Travis, the VVMVP ring features 13 Fancy Lavender Pink colored Diamonds- Doubled- creating a heart halo around the center PLUS an additional 87 Fancy Lavender Pink Diamonds in a side halo.

Football shaped Marquise-cut Diamonds alternate with yardage markers of Baguette Diamonds in a river band. The total Diamond weight of the Vegas Valentines MVP ring is 13.17 carats. The ring is on display at Michael E. Minden Diamond Jewelers in the Fashion Show Mall Las Vegas and is available for purchase.


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