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Oval and Round Brilliant Diamond Engagement RIng

Oval Diamonds- such beauty and elegance!  Oval diamonds are one of the oldest diamond shapes around, originating from the 1300s. The shape was perfected in the 1960s, and the cutting process is still used today to produce the most brilliant, full-of-fire and flash oval cut shape. 

***All items can be customized on site to fit your individual design

A glance: Oval-cut center Diamond, set on a single band of Round Brilliant Diamonds, with a hidden halo of diamonds beneath Oval center, and Round Brilliant Diamonds on each prong. All set in 18K White Gold

-Center Stone(Oval):                          .80 Carat 

-Semi Mount:                                      .40 Carat  

-Carat Total Weight:                         1.20

-18Karat White Gold

Oval and Round Brilliant Diamond Engagement RIng


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