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Marquise Shaped Tanzanite Diamond Ring

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Tanzanite......Tanzanite has been ascribed qualities of good luck and prosperity, and related to celebrations of new life and beginnings. In addition, Tanzanite is  believed to aid in achieving a higher level of consciousness, including intuition and perception. Some believe that it also helps in detoxifying the body and improving health. One of the most intriguing features of Tanzanite is its brilliant play on color. Tanzanites show three different colors when seen from different angles and in under different light conditions. Colors range from blue to brown to purple.  It is a special gem for a very special person.

***All items can be customized to fit your individual design

A glance: Marquise-shaped Tanzanite, set in a 6 prong head, surrounded by a double row Diamond halo. All set in 14Karat White Gold

Center stone(Marquise-shaped Tanzanite):                        9.14 Carat   

Semi-mount and halo:                                                           3.19 Carat

Total Carat Weight:                                                               12.33

14Karat White Gold

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Marquise Shaped Tanzanite Diamond Ring

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