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Lab Grown Diamonds vs. Moissanites

Lab Grown Diamonds vs. Moissanites

Everything You Need To Know About The Differences Between Lab-Grown Diamonds and Moissanites!

Lab-Grown Diamonds and Moissanites are quickly becoming a very popular option for engagement ring center stones! Many people have been coming into our store recently asking for Eco Friendly Sustainably Sourced Diamonds, but aren’t sure what to get.

Here’s some helpful information to know when deciding which option is best for you!

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-Grown Diamonds are also known as Man-Made Diamonds. Lab-Grown Diamonds are gemstones that are grown in a laboratory instead of inside the Earth.

Lab-Grown Diamonds have the same chemical properties of Natural Diamonds. They have the same hardness scale, the same sparkle, same look, and may even have natural inclusions like Earth-Grown Diamonds. A couple of ways to accurately detect if a diamond is Lab-Grown is to have it graded by a reputable gem lab or to find a jeweler with a HPHT or CVD detector (We have this machine at Michael E. Minden Diamond Jewelers in the Fashion Show Mall and are happy to test your diamonds for you at no cost).


Moissanites are also created in a laboratory by scientists. The composition and process of creation are slightly different from Lab-Grown Diamonds. There are different grades of moissanites - the option with the highest quality and color is the Charles & Colvard Forever One™ Moissanites.

If you’re considering buying Lab-Grown Moissanites - we highly recommend you ONLY purchase Charles & Colvard Forever One™ Moissanites as it offers a lifetime warranty against chipping and breakage.

FUN FACT: There are natural moissanites, but it is so incredibly rare to find the material in any substantial size other than tiny particles.

Things You Show Know When Shopping

  • Only Moissanites from Charles & Colvard have a lifetime warranty on chipping or breaking! (We have these in our store at the Fashion Show Mall if you’d like to look at them in person)
  • Moissanites come in various qualities. Some websites seem to offer extremely low pricing on Moissanites - the fact is, they are selling substandard quality Moissanite (not Forever One) and may in fact not even be Moissanite. We recommend only purchasing Charles & Colvard Forever One Moissanite which offers a lifetime warranty!
  • There are many companies that are selling Lab-Grown Diamonds from factories all over the world. You would assume it's all the same kind of material and clearness, but it is NOT. Many factories that make Lab-Grown Diamonds don’t cut the stones well which makes them foggy and hazy. Lab-Grown Diamonds usually (and SHOULD) come with a certificate with grading and measurements. You want to make sure you are always shopping with a reputable jeweler to make sure you are receiving real and accurate certificates. At Michael E. Minden Diamond Jewelers, you can be assured that our Lab-Grown Diamonds are crisp, clear, faceted for the highest brilliance possible, and include a professional certificate

Where Can I Buy Lab-Grown Diamonds or Moissanites?

Michael E. Minden Diamond Jewelers has one of the largest selections of Lab-Grown Diamonds and Moissanites in the nation! Make an appointment or walk in to browse our selection and see our stones close up. We have a comfortable store with pressure-free staff to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Now is your chance to see the sparkle up close with no strings attached!

Still Need Help Deciding Which Is Right For You?

No problem! Visit us or call our store to speak with our Diamond Expert and Store Manager, Michelle. She has been our store manager for over 30 years and has extensive diamond, gemstone, and engagement ring knowledge. She is warm, friendly, funny, and does not have a preference on stones so she will offer you an unbiased opinion of which stone may be right for you! Call us at (702) 253-5588 or email us at

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