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Let's Talk Diamonds! Lab-Grown V.S. Natural

Let's Talk Diamonds! Lab-Grown V.S. Natural

Lets talk Diamonds!
"Natural" V.S. "Lab-Grown"

On the atomic level, Lab-Grown and Natural Diamonds are the same. Both are composed of pure carbon in it's solid form. Economically, Lab-Grown Diamonds have made a name in the market for being more cost effective, while still having the capacity to uphold a quality standard. Natural Diamonds, on the other hand, are more expensive due to the vigorous extraction process and the uncertainty of finding them.

So how could you tell the difference?

Below you can find some helpful information around this space to help keep you safe from poteintal scammers and help you decide which option is best for you.


Lab-Grown, also known as Man-Made, are made in an laboratory under controlled condtions. Scientists claim that with these controlled conditions, such as the exact temperature and pressure required, lessens the chance of impurities within the final cut diamond.

Although Lab-Grown and Natural Diamonds have the same atomic structure, the way they are produced are completely opposite. With Lab-Grown, small slivers from the purest form of diamonds are shaved off and used as "seeds". These seeds are then laid out and placed in a special high-tech chamber. The chamber then is set to specific pressure (psi) and extreme heat settings. In the chamber, carbon atoms attach itself to the original placement of seeds,thus creating a Lab-Grown Diamond. Just like a Natural Diamond, lab-grown are a 10 on the hardness scale, have the same sparkle, same look and feel, and could even have natural inclusions.


Natural Diamonds originate in the earth's mantel, which is around 3000 kilometers below the surface. Under the surface, heat and pressure forces carbon into a solild form, which we know as the diamond. Then over years and years, the earth's layers slowly move up closer and closer to the surface allowing people to extract the diamonds through common practices such as mining.

Unlike Lab-Grown, a countless amount of variables can affect the quality and determine the value of the diamond after it has been extracted. The pure rarity of the natural diamond has kept it as one of the most expensive gems on the market for past decades.


With both Lab-Grown and Natural being so similiar as far as the look and atomic structure, it is almost impossible to tell the difference just by looking at it.

  • There are many companies that are selling Lab-Grown Diamonds from factories all over the world. You would assume it's all the same kind of material and clearness, but it is NOT. Many factories that make Lab-Grown Diamonds don’t cut the stones well which makes them foggy and hazy. Lab-Grown Diamonds usually (and SHOULD) come with a certificate with grading and measurements. You want to make sure you are always shopping with a reputable jeweler to make sure you are receiving real and accurate certificates. At Michael E. Minden Diamond Jewelers, you can be assured that our Lab-Grown Diamonds are crisp, clear, faceted for the highest brilliance possible, and include a professional certificate

  • To accurately detect if a diamond is Lab-Grown or Natural is to have it graded by a reputable gem lab or to find a jeweler with a HPHT or CVD detector (We have this machine at Michael E. Minden Diamond Jewelers in the Fashion Show Mall and are happy to test your diamonds for you at no cost).


Where Can I Buy Diamonds, Lab-Grown or Natural ?

Michael E. Minden Diamond Jewelers has one of the largest selections of Diamonds in the nation! Make an appointment or walk in to browse our selection and see our stones close up. We have a comfortable store with pressure-free staff to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Now is your chance to see the sparkle up close with no strings attached!

Still Need Help Deciding Which Is Right For You?

No problem! Visit us or call our store to speak with our Diamond Expert and Store Manager, Michelle. She has been our store manager for over 30 years and has extensive diamond, gemstone, and engagement ring knowledge. She is warm, friendly, funny, and does not have a preference on stones so she will offer you an unbiased opinion of which stone may be right for you! Call us at (702) 253-5588 or email us at

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