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Which diamond cut is best for you?

Which diamond cut is best for you?

When it comes time to shop for engagement rings, make sure that you are in-the-know about the many diamond shapes available to you. Here at Michael E. Minden Diamond Jewelers, we have endless options. Choosing the right diamond for you can be tricky, but knowing your diamond cut preference is a big step in the process!


Round diamonds are by far the most popular shape for engagement rings. With the right balance of cut and color, this shape maximizes both sparkle and fire within the stone! Jewelers focus heavily on the cut of round diamonds, in order to optimize the center stone’s appearance. While round diamonds are usually the most expensive cut, they can be compromised in size and clarity to help you get the biggest stone for a more reasonable price. 


Princess cut diamonds are the second most popular diamond shape with its delicate yet attention-grabbing style! This shape has pointed corners and varies between both square and rectangular orientations. Depending on the color of your stone, the tint of your center stone is exceptionally more visible through the corners of your gorgeous princess cut diamond. 


Cushion shaped diamonds are another popular shape of engagement ring center stones. With rounded corners, cushion cuts emphasize a stone’s clarity. Cushions range from square to rectangular giving you many options to choose from. The large facets of these stones can give your ring an exceptionally beautiful sparkle, and who doesn’t love a glistening diamond? 


Similar to cushions, radiant diamonds range from square to rectangular but have sharper, more intricate corners. The corners of radiant cuts bring a traditional look to an engagement ring. Both popular and versatile to one’s everyday life, this diamond shape is stunning in all sizes and settings.



This diamond shape accentuates long and slender fingers. Marquise diamonds maximize carat weight and it actually appears larger than it really is due to the slim look of this diamond. The length-to-width ratios of marquise cuts range drastically but the most popular tends to be around 2. 


Pear-shaped diamonds, also referred to as a teardrop cut, is a perfect option for the modern bride. This shape of diamond elongates one’s finger while also bringing a tasteful amount of sparkle to her ring. This unique stone allows for her engagement ring to become an even bigger statement piece!


Heart shaped diamonds are ideal for the ultimate display of romance! Symbolizing a couple’s love, this shape brings a unique look to any ring. The slight tints that appear in a diamond may become more concentrated in this specific cut. However, with the right setting, any grade of heart-shaped diamond can make your ring look nearly flawless. 

At Michael E. Minden Diamond Jewelers, we have a multitude of these popular diamond cuts as well as more obscure shapes. With the option to customize your engagement ring with our expert on-site jewelers, you can center the experience around a loose stone of your choice. Whether you’re drawn towards a traditional round stone or a unique pear or heart-shaped diamond, we ensure that we can create the ring of her dreams! Make her a Minden Girl!

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