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Forever One Moissanites

Out of this World - Moissanites

Moissanite is a mineral composed of silicon carbide, a synthetically produced crystalline compound composed of silicon and carbon. This brilliant and affordable alternative was originally discovered in the early 1890s inside a meteorite crater by French scientist Henri Moissan. While natural moissanite is extremely rare, scientists have developed a method to reproduce the gemstone in a controlled lab environment, thus allowing it to be more accessible and affordable.


Moissanites have a brilliant sparkle, making them ideal for center stones in engagement rings and other timeless jewelry pieces. Their unique optical properties allow light to sparkle through each facet, ensuring that every moissanite catches the eye and captures the fire in the heart. Moissanites look incredibly similar to Diamonds but are actually more brilliant. Their crystallized pattern allows them to reflect and refract even more light than a Diamond, giving them more fire which is also known as the rainbow effect. In addition to their brilliance, Moissanites are also ideal for everyday wear, ranking a 9.25 on the Mohs scale of hardness, compared to Diamonds which are a 10 in Mohs scale.

At Michael E. Minden Diamond Jewelers, we are proud partners with Charles & Colvard, and their ForeverOne Moissanite. Charles & Colvard, takes pride in their quality and is widely known for having the most premium Moissanites on the market today, along with a lifetime guarantee. Since 2005, the Moissanite stones produced by Charles & Colvard are recognized for their expert cut, colorless appearance, and near flawless clarity. This makes Charles & Colvard's ForeverOne Moissanites a top choice for someone looking for high-quality Moissanite jewelry.

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