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Natural Diamonds

A Timeless World Wonder: The Story of Diamonds

For centuries, Natural Diamonds have enchanted people around the world with their timeless beauty and remarkable durability. From their rough beginnings to their unparalleled elegance when professionally cut, Diamonds have held our curiosity and earned their status as a natural wonder.

The journey of a Natural Diamond begins deep within the Earth's upper mantle, where the element carbon undergoes a transformative process over billions of years. In the earth, carbon naturally solidifies when under immense pressure which then causes it to form the crystalline structure we see in Diamonds. Along the way, small or large inclusions may be formed within the Diamonds from trapped remnants of gasses such as nitrogen that were present during the intense pressurized process.

As the Earth's surface shifts and changes over billions of years, the naturally formed Diamonds gradually make their way closer to the surface. Natural Diamonds are a testament to the Earth's incredible geological history, each one a unique masterpiece shaped by time and pressure.


Understanding the Quality of a Natural Diamond

When grading a Diamond's quality, experts focus on four main features to determine its individual value. These are also known as the 4 Cs: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight.

Cut: When a Diamond is cut from its rough natural shape, it is crucial that the expert cutter considers the proportions and symmetry of the cuts. A Diamond that is cut correctly with precision will have maximized its brilliance and sparkle.

Color: Natural Diamonds come in various shades, ranging from colorless to yellow and brown. G.I.A.’s color scale is measured from "D” referring to colorless all the way to "Z" referring to light yellow or brown shade. A true colorless Natural Diamond is extremely rare due to the uncontrolled processes beneath the earth's surface and the low probability of other elements and gases not disrupting it's purity.

Clarity: Natural Diamonds can contain imperfections both externally and internally. The fewer inclusions and blemishes a Diamond contains, the more valuable it is considered.

Carat Weight: The actual weight of a Diamond contributes significantly to its value. One carat is equal to 0.2 grams, and while larger Diamonds are stunning in their own right, all four Cs should be considered when deciding which Diamond is right for you.

By understanding these four key characteristics, you can better appreciate the quality and value of a natural diamond, ensuring that your selection meets your preferences and expectations for a timeless companion.


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